API Specification 0.0.1

Here are the API spec. Just started, therefore sure there will be changes. But whatever.
Returns plaintext, JSON encoded data, and also embedable Javascript on page. Protocol REST, thought only GET is implemented for now.

API Description


Returns today's Hijri date.


Convert for some other date? Send the date as parameter like this



17-Jumada al-awwal-1442


For JSON, send format=json


For raw date, send raw=yes


Using on your page

To use it on your server side php page, you can easily call like this

print file_get_contents("https://www.habibur.com/hijri/api01/date/");
// the above code will print the hijri date.

To embed as Javascript snippet send format=js


Copy and paste this code into your static HTML page.

Hijri Date Today :
<script src='https://www.habibur.com/hijri/api01/date/?format=js'></script>

You can further style the p/span to change font size color.

Usage Persmission

Use for anything you like, be it commercial or non-commercial use, as long as my server doesn't boggle down due to your frequent calls. I have no idea where the limit is.
A few thousands calls per day might be ok.
I shall check server load and if it rises significantly than might inform you back on a solution. Cache the result to reduce calls if needed.

Credits, link back

Not required. But you can provide if you like so.